Carl Hooker

Branded Trivia Nights

An engaging way to get people to know your brand or to fund raise

Looking for a fun and engaging way for customers to learn more about your product? Or are you looking for a way to have an interactive and exciting fund-raising event? Carl is a Trivia Night MC pro that will engage the audience and build buzz around your event or product.

My background asTrivia Night MC:

I got my start as a Wedding DJ and MC back in the early 2000’s. Five years ago, after many years of participating in trivia nights, I thought it would be a fun way to engage learners and create team-building and bonding within my own organization. Now, I put my own unique spin on the traditional trivia night. Bringing attendees on-stage (virtually or in-person) for some 1-on-1 trivia, contests for crazy team names, and much, much more. The main goal of the trivia night is to increase awareness of a client’s product or fundraiser with questions about the client embedded throughout the event!

My Beliefs Around Trivia Nights:

Learning can be fun

Having a fun, gamified format like trivia increases the endorphins in your brand. With increased joy, people tend to remember an event more days and even months after it has passed. These events make learning almost covert. 

Competition is a good motivator

Everyone likes to have a little competition. It drives us to do better and to laugh at our mistakes. Trivia nights are low-stakes competition, but they create an atmosphere where everyone ‘leans in’.

Traditional sales pitches are bad

No one wants to sit through a boring sales pitch. The trivia night format I arrange makes the product demo or sales pitch a part of the program by embedding questions throughout. Attendees have to pay attention to score points!

My Approach

As a teacher or administrator, I never enjoyed being lectured at about a product. My mind would wander and I would quickly be checking email while still nodding my head to act like I was paying attention.

As I have started to work with more and more companies, many have asked for strategies to engage an audience more with their product. They don’t want to be the ones giving the boring demos either it turns out. 

These trivia nights are the perfect blend of informative and entertaining. Attendees will talk and share more about your product as a result of this event than they ever would have in a traditional “sit-n-get” talk.

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Don’t wait any longer. Bring Carl in to host your next trivia night event!