Carl Hooker

Leadership Events

Create a unified vision in an engaging way

Trying to get all your administrators on the same page? Want an engaging and collaborative way to kick-off your next leadership event? Bring Carl in to work with leaders with his new interactive leadership retreats!

My background in educational leadership:

I have spent the last 10 years in educational administration the last several years of which centered around professional learning, innovation, and digital learning. Whether you are planning to roll out a 1-to-1 initiative or just looking for some innovative ways to engage your students and community, it all starts with a common belief with leadership. With my half-day or full-day leadership events, I work with leaders on modeling risk-taking, evaluating what high quality technology integration looks like, and create ideas and avenues for innovation in your schools. 

My Beliefs Around Leadership:

Modeling is Key

Encouraging change and innovation while keeping with status quo is impossible. Leaders must be a part of the change and model it in their everyday interactions with staff to get buy-in. You have to walk the walk, if you are going to talk the talk.

Communication & Transparency

Keeping key stakeholders and staff in the loop throughout the process helps eliminate fear, uncertainity and doubt.ire some sort of transition every 18-20 minutes to stay actively engaged inthe learning. Whether I’m giving a keynote to thousands or a learning session of 20, I make sure to incorporate movement so the learners aren’t sedentary.

Integrity & Access

That trust through communication and transparency, shows integrity. However, having the respect of your staff is only one small part towards becoming an effective leader. Staff need access to their leaders and oftentimes they can’t leave their classroom.Having an “open door” policy isn’t enough. Whether you are a district or campus leader, be available and come to them. 

My Approach

David Weinberger says “The smartest person in the room, is the room.” My style and delivery is centered around humor, collaboration and real-world applications. I try to embrace and model thoughtful risk-taking and failure in all in my sessions as a way to encourage leaders to open up their own creativity. The main driving force behind all of my sessions is the question, “would I be an engaged attendee during this session?” I use multiple tools and strategies to engage audience members and also encourage reflection time to internalize what they have learned.

Featured Publications on Leadership


Mobile Learning Mindset Book Series

  • For District Leaders – Strategies for coordinating district vision and goals with all stakeholders
  • For Campus Leaders – Tools for principals and campus leaders to use when leading change and innovation on a campus
  • For Coaches – Tons of professional learning strategies that I employ in many of my sessions


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