Carl Hooker

Educator | Speaker | Author | Event Organizer | Consultant | Entrepreneur

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Carl brings his 25+ years of educational background, technology integration, and outside-the-box thinking to all of his talks. His unique blend of humor and practical advice is a powerful message for any school, district, or conference!


Carl consults with a wide variety of clients – from legislators to school districts to start-ups – to help guide a vision on how to make education better for all.

K-12 Consulting

Carl will work with district leadership to create and implement a long-term solution to thoughtful technology integration that aligns with district goals and belief. His consulting includes many of the great professional learning programs that he offers as well as long-term evaluation and growth of your district’s technology implementation.

Professional Learning

Carl offers a variety of keynotes, webinars and Learnshops for district administrators, principals, teacher leaders, students and parents. These can be done either virtually or face-to-face and range from one hour to several days depending on your district or event needs.

Thought Leader & Advisor

There are many companies vying for attention in the educational landscape. What sets those successful companies apart is their vision and plan for making education better. Carl has worked as an advisor with companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Kahoot!, Nearpod and much, much more.

Learning Evolution Book

The Impact of AI is being felt in classrooms all across the world. How do we use these new tools with fideltiy? What about cheating and loss of critical thinking skills? In his new book, Carl tackles these challenges and more as we move into this new era of AI in the classroom. 

About Carl Hooker

Mr. Hooker has been a part of a strong educational shift with technology integration since becoming an educator.  From his start as a teacher to his role as a district technology leader, he’s always had one common belief – that kids need to drive their own learning. He realizes the challenges in our current educational institutions and meets them head on. His unique blend of educational background, technical expertise, and humor make him a successful driving force for this change. As a speaker and consultant, he brings this background as well as a wealth of practical tools and ideas that educators can use in their schools and classroom tomorrow.


Carl’s Books

Carl has authored 8 books included his latest book Learning Evolution which dives deep into AI-enhanced learning. His other recent book, Ready, Set, FAIL! tackles the concept of creating a culture of thoughtful risk-taking and failure in schools. His 6-part ISTE book series Mobile Learning Mindset has become the go-to series for any district looking to effectively integrate technology into their schools. Each book has a different audience – from parent to IT to district leader to teacher, the goal is to have a common language for all stakeholders.



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